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Girls in your community are missing school and work because they can't afford menstrual products.

This could mean the difference between a life in leadership, or a life in poverty.

Join us in giving others a hand up.

Because periods don’t discriminate, you can be on your last leg, fighting to meet your basic needs of food, water and shelter, not have a penny in the bank, and BAM!, here comes your period. What do you do? Skip breakfast, lunch and dinner to buy a box of tampons? Roll up a sock and shove it in your underwear, praying you don’t get a vaginal infection? Maybe you bunch up the scratchy toilet paper from the gas station like a pad, feeling the chaffing getting worse and worse with each step. Or maybe you go to the nearest human services center, bleeding in your underwear as you walk, and ask for a pad, hoping donations of feminine hygiene products are in stock.

For those reading this that have been in a similar situation, we feel you, we love you, and we want to help. For those reading this that are fortunate to have never faced this challenge, can you imagine the frustration, the embarrassment, the rage?

Now imagine how you can help.

Pads and tampons aren’t a luxury, they are a need.

Periods don’t discriminate. Periods come whether we want them or not. Are you in a first period algebra class? Are you about to go on a first date? Starting a presentation to a room full of executives? Is your bank account empty? Periods don’t care, you’ll bleed anyway.

Periods, just like the supplies we need to control them, aren’t a choice.


Girls in our very own communities are missing school because they cannot afford pads or tampons. Please donate today to make a difference. Recipients of the supplies include Iowa Homeless Youth Centers, Johnston Partnership, Young Women’s Resource Center and Johnston Community School District.

This list continues to grow each day as we identify the needs and get supplies out the door.



We would love to have your help during one of our period packing events. The donations that we have collected, get packaged with love by members of our community, neighbors and friends.

Many hands make light join us!


Do you own a business or have access to discounts and large donations? We would love to hear from you and learn more about how you can help. Local companies have participated and we would appreciate your business lending a hand to end period poverty in Iowa.


Interested in joining us in the fight to increase awareness about menstrual issues in our community? Want to see easier access to menstrual products in our schools, shelters, and public buildings? We invite you to advocate along side us!

Thank You!

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