Most kids at Christmas time ask for new toys, but Brenlyn isn’t like most kids. Brenlyn wanted to help the homeless instead and that’s how Give Grace Give Hope began.  Brenlyn asked for “pagina covers” for Christmas. This was her way of asking for pads and tampons, something she had recently learned is a high-need item at the local homeless shelter.




When she’s not looking for ways to help others, Brenlyn is dancing with her sisters in the kitchen, playing softball, shooting hoops, practicing gymnastics, or reading a good book. Brenlyn is like most 2nd graders in so many ways, but she has a beautiful spot in her heart that only wants to help others.

Melissa Knutson & Brenlyn

As her mom, I think this desire to help comes from some experiences she’s had since she was little. Brenlyn has asthma and has spent some time in the hospital when things got bad. Brenlyn also has eosinophilic esophagitis which has caused her to have trouble eating since she first ate solid foods as a baby. To top it all off, Brenlyn’s list of food allergies includes pork, eggs, milk, peanuts, shellfish, spinach, watermelon, onion, raspberries, wheat, corn, melon, navy beans, asparagus, and vanilla! Having conditions like this help create empathy and compassion for others that are struggling. But to know Brenlyn is to know that she has no fear, no worries, and a lot of fight!


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